Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Services

When a tree becomes sick, poses a risk to nearby infrastructure, or grows unevenly, you can use tree pruning services instead of removing it. Our team of tree experts (including our in-house arborists who can identify diseases) diagnosis the problem and uses selective pruning to solve it.

The professionals at Geddie Tree & Land Services use tree pruning techniques to address an array of issues. We prune trees to remove diseased, damaged, or weak branches that threaten the tree’s health or nearby structures. Likewise, we prune exposed roots that become dangerous or threaten buildings. If you want to keep your trees but ensure that they remain healthy for years to come, we can help you reach your goals.

We Use Tree Pruning Services to Remove:

  • Sick or diseased parts of the tree
  • Weak branches that may fall or break
  • Exposed roots that pose a risk or damage infrastructure
  • Uneven growth
  • Nonproductive or damaged areas of the tree

Aside from tree pruning services, our staff can assist with shaping, topping, or trimming. We can also entirely remove trees or address issues like diseases and pest infestations. Besides tree services, we also offer land clearing services, such as bush hogging, stump and root grinding, storm clean-up, and site preparation.

We’re Standing By!

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