Brush Removal

Brush Removal Services

Brush removal can be tricky without the help of professional and proper equipment. When ridding your property of brush, our experts are mindful of the trees and vegetation you want to maintain. Our staff at Geddie Tree & Land Services uses pruning and trimming to gradually and safely remove brush. Many clients use our services to enhance curb appeal, maintain farms and gardens, make room for other vegetation to thrive, or prepare a construction site.

Whatever you need, Geddie Tree & Land Services helps you quickly, safely, and affordably remove unwanted or unsightly brush from your home, business, garden, or farm.

Brush Removal Services:

  • Brush takedown, hauling, and removal
  • Brush trimming, shaping, and pruning
  • Brush clearing
  • Site preparation

Aside from brush removal, our professional staff can assist with brush shaping, pruning, or trimming. We can also help maintain vegetation in gardens and farms or prepare sites for construction projects. We leave your property looking perfect and help you reach your goals quickly, professionally, and affordably.

Besides brush removal services, we also offer land clearing services, such as bush hogging, stump and root grinding, tree removal, storm clean-up, and site preparation. We also offer tree services similar to brush removal, and our in-house arborists can assist you with disease identification and bug spraying.

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